Welcome to the SICTAS Symposium!

Planning for Change

Thanks to all who attended the Symposium, people who tweeted and people who requested access to the wiki to make comments. Please enter your comments in the Comments page. All other pages are now closed. The comments page will remain open until the 11 May.

The national ICT in Learning Symposium forms part of the strategic ICT advisory service provided to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) by Education.au. It will be attended by leading thinkers in the area of implementing new technologies in education and training to assist the education and training community in addressing the implications of new technologies for education and training.

In preparation for the symposium we invite you to take a look around this site. Please familiarise yourself with the topics for discussion that are proposed for the day, and think about your responses.

More information about the SICTAS project can be found at

Strategic ICT Advisory Service (SICTAS)

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Collaboration in Teaching and Learning report

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Collaboration in Teaching and Learning Video

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Site Blocking in Schools report