Open Theme Table 4 (Red)

Teacher Education: Geoff Romeo and Margaret Lloyd
Facilitator: Andrew Williams

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Queensland initiative: Three level ICT framework. Certificate + 2 levels of licence (standard and advanced). Department approached QLD teacher education faculties for cooperation, see if faculties wanted to teach teaching students the framework.

Professional values, knowledge, practice + one other aspect. Model changing now to university based certificate.

UNESCO have released ICT education standards, also ITSI, others exist. Certificates and standards raise the status of ICT training for teaching students, consciousness raising.

Delivery and assessment varies based on the qualification studemts are doing. Study embedded in education curriculum. 10 EQ standards - 9 cite ICT. QLD EQ teachers must have certificate. Validated every 5 years.

Victoria. Probationary registration in first year of teaching. After that, teachers must produce portfolio to show how they meet the standards. Includes ICT, although not centrally specified. ICT embedded within 8 standards. Moving towards portfolio in final year of study, matched to post-graduation portfolio.

Rigour is critical. How much is required of teachers? New teachers can be tech savvy, but not able to integrate it into teaching.

Stresses on teacher education.
Teach for Australia. 6 weeks training for graduates. Placement into hard to staff school. Ongoing subsequent placement.
Great challenge to find quality placements for student teachers.