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Implications of continuously emerging technologies for ..... please complete.
Facilitator: Carolyn Papworth

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Is Australia falling behind. Are we going to become the outsourced workers of Asia?

Why are we taking so long in he use of communication tools and creative tools? Compare with Singapore University, India. We have invested but the agenda does not seem to move along.

NSW seen as making progress. It is installing video conferencing suites, standard operating systems, content distribution methods. All students have gmail. 900 people supporting the infrastructure centrally plus regional support staff. Connected classrooms, interactive whiteboards (some primaries have them in every classroom), development of a system wide blog) inter-relates with identity management system) media library. E-backpack - accessible from home and school - connectivity. Laptops for learning >200,000 - all year 9-12 students and staff. Deal with Adobe for entire suite of software - distributed on the laptops. 'Smart Notebook 10' - lesson creation software for electronic whiteboards. Working with Google, Adobe, Microsoft. - We are not falling behind!!

TLF, Australianscreenonline, Moodle, LAMS widespread.

Video conferencing use leading to exciting practice.

Smaller states may not have the same buying power and resourcing and the NSW story is not replicated in other states and territories.

Are we looking outside of Australia? Developing countries can adopt more quickly because they are not set in old ways of doing things.

A key to change has been to include practitioners in the design.

Australia is barely touching the edges of the Asian demand for English courses. Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia do more. We appear complacement.