Open Theme Table 6 (Lilac)

Implications of continuously emerging technologies for ..... please complete.
Facilitator: Helen Galatis
Lead: Dean Groom
Topic: Schools with no walls - how can we create a new school of the air using new pedagogy

Comments from the Table to be added below

model? -- sharing, barter system
- multi-synchronous environmentss and a number of teachers operating in this environment
-not doing it in a formalised way
-consideration of time zone
- wht about accreditation - is accredittion important

-what hurdles do we need to overcone
- how do we get users engaged
-wht type of user is attracted
-school without walls -- how is it financed? how is one paid?

- virtual walls model of economics of scale

- combintion of free and pay -- students who need accrreditaion pay -- others have free access

-how do we find teachers to run classes

-- what do we call it -- traditional terminology of school implies need for accreditation and approval
-- is accreditation impotant

-- what are the barriers -