Open Theme Table 8 (Blue)

Implications of continuously emerging technologies for ..... cultural change.
Facilitator: Jenny Millea

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how can we create things that carry through - avoid silos
contextualise for individiaul sectors,but think holisticly
what sorts of infrastructures need to be in place to make those connections?

- culture change,org change
- mental shift necessary, but the hardest thing

easier to change rhetoric, than changing behaviour
if ict is an enabler and teachersneed to have knowledge to make ICT an enabler in their teaching then some teachers will be able to do that more easily than others.

do we look at teaching training now? incroporate ICT now and say cultural change happens now? or in in-service teaching? how much in future generations.

that puts a lot of pressure on junior staff - need leadership

leaders need to be change agents

cultural change from both bottom up and top down. strategy needs to be multifaceted

people at the bottom need to be protected ie expected to be change agents but not given resources.

middle layer needs to be porous.

identification of champions

can't underestimate people's reluctance to change


- leadership it's a new world and you need to be part of it - needs to be sold to leadership
- how much support is htere from leadership for change? how can that be made to happen
- someone has to be prepared to take a risk - also peer pressure, career, competitive advantage
- govt policy needs to support it - followed by lots of $ eg JISC

JISC funding OER to reform the way academics produce materials

VET Broadband network - potential to transform. Targets TAFE and will be open to private training providers. Depents what kind of VET institution: ie whether you arealready delivering vie eleanring.will increase range of options

biggest issue is engaging teachers and trainers

making it happen: PM skills, whole instiuttion project

From the bottom up
teachers develp confidence in using and delivering
Need to know what clientele wants and ensure the gap between senior managers.
Need an E-Learning strategy which describes a vision and aspiration for the use of technology across the sectors.