Theme 1 Table 1 (Yellow)

Implications of continuously emerging technologies for learning and learners.

Facilitator: Geoff Hendrick
Provocateur: Andrew Thompson
Topic: ICT- beads and mirrors for the digital native or true 21st Century learning. How do our students use ICT in their home and socially and what do they expect school to offer them? How are our teachers, schools and systems responding?

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Skills Knowledge and literacies

students expect:
learning to be enriched by ICT
to be connected to world while at school
to learn outside school
to learn in social ways

Asses & Curriculum
we are defining a 21st C curriculum but...
have to assess students differently rather than just pencil paper

Teaching methods
Its not about 21st century...its about engaging students using the ICT-enabled modes of learning that engage and enthuse students.

validy and viability of schools at risk if fail to engage students with the ICT they expect
risk of reduced student engagementif dont meet student expectations for ICT in learning

need to re-cooncepualise what schools do in light of rapid technology advancement

mismatch...21st century tech, 18th century schools systems, expectations of school behavoiur

need policy and legal framework to protect and enable schools systems, teachers to be more proactive with new technologies e.g. web 2.0
e.g. online bullying much harder to resolve for schools than schoolyard bullying

Is Australia behind internatonally???....Singapore student digital literacy 100% greater than Australia?