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Implications of continuously emerging technologies for learning and learners

Facilitator: John Travers
Provocateur: Peter le Cornu
Topic: Informal Learning: The Challenges

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Skills Knowledge and literacies

Assessment and curriculum development


Mass amateurisation

Teaching methods


Informal Learning

ICT is expanding our capacity to learning informally.
The big issue: teaching students how to think and discriminate and manage their informal and formal learning, and to integrate these:
a lot of learning for teachers in this! Discussion revolved a lot about the contradictions within the field - that while informal learning is undobtedly vauable and important (and always has been) it is very difficult to track and credit people for it in a formal system.
- information skills critical for this
- recognition of informal learning a major issue: it can be done and is done in some institutions now
and, other points....
- recognition of learning a major issue
- portfolios a useful tool to record learning, leading on to...
- personal learning environments a valuable tool for students to become confident in using in order to manage their learning
- role of the teacher
- assessment
- skills in informal learning need be taught and learned
- literacies (new) need to be taught and not left to accidental acquisition.
- clash between the value of informal learning and formal recognition
- are some people suited to informal and others not? - yes, some students resist informal and collaborative learning becuase they find it includes 'sharing ignorance'.

- professional learning communities that critically review and analyse practices - critical tool for improvement - and recognise all forms of learning, regardless of whether informal or fomal.
some internet sources are not reliable