Theme 1 Table 7 (Grey)

Implications of continuously emerging technologies for learning and learners

Facilitator: Garry Putland
Provocateur: Robert Fitzgerald
Topic: Open education and knowledge systems

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Use networks to filter content and use the social networking to connect human networks. Foster sharing at the level in which trust exists and then grow the trust from local to global...

Skills Knowledge and literacies
Teachers haven't changed the relationship with learners and in some cases technology has only amplified poor practice. Need to get the model right for prfoessional development...time poor is critical issue....schools provide scholarships for leadership in technology

Use of social networking techniques to connect people for informal learning which represents 70 % of the effective change

Assessment and curriculum development
Resources need to be open that is can be found, selected, adopted, teachers and stsudents. Resources can be consumed and produced by learners and teachers...rewads system must be introduced...
Access to resources needs to be a 'honeypot' give people incentives to use (eg footytips)

Link new teaching methods to reward -

Mass amateurisation
Need to have policies and systems that are mor jurisdictions....have to be gutsy....and less risk averse
Enabling policy and in some cases needs to be mandatory
Need a reward system to encourage change in behaviour

Teaching methods
How to scale up best practice - that the 20% doing great stuff needs to be shared with the 60% who need to change.

Gap between perspective of teacher and students - strong on pedagogy poor on technology students are stronger on technology but not necessarily using for effective learning.

We need to better understand how kids are learning outside of schools and what this means for learning inside schools.
Openness - content is easily accessed, freely available and can be reused.....networks need to be more open so that people can share not make money from generating content...have a default 'open' policy for accessing content and prevents sharing...
Go to the OLCOS report and adopt these recommendations
Adopt the Cape Town declaration
Whatever we do makes a difference for learners..........
System that provides access to freely available resources ......... and label the respources so that teachers know what are the various uses.. eg the traffic light system.