Theme 2 Table 1 (Yellow)

Implications of continuously emerging technologies for infrastructure and policy makers

Facilitator: Geoff Hendrick
Provocateur: Alan Bevan
Topic: 'It's the user, stupid. The case for integrated services.'

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Learning spaces

Horizon report identifies key trends:
- collab environments
- cloud servcies
- persoanl web
- mobile

current state is that jurisdiction and national systens are silos

vision for user centric approach to learning spaces
- teachers can collaborate seamlessly across jurisdicitons for Prof learning
- students can learn collaboratively across jursidcitions,seamlessly,securely and safely.
- integrated intitive access tjurisdiciotnal and cross jurisdicitonal resources

Software infrastructure

infra is enabler of collaboration and shared resources

tension between local priorities and innovation vs stifling innovaiton via attempting national lock-step approach

tension between using innovative external web 2.0 as infra and safety,security, privacy

national cloud computing services model?
platform for developers?
c.f. US NSF common platformfor education

local jurisdiction systems interop via standards?
- national infra for federated Id and access e.g. trust federation infra
- national infra for secure collaboration interoperability
- national infra for resource access and link to curriculum

Australian legislation, policy, guidelines

not talking about central systems
need an infrastructure model that aligns with our federation model

jurisdictions need to implement and run their own mission critical systems
need to add an interoperability layer to connect jurisdiciton systems
need incentives for jursidicitons to add this layer to their projects
- fed gov desire for connected systems and resources
- national curriculum driver
- collab across jurisdictions
- access to all resources natioanally across all jurisdictions linked to currculum
need ways to make it easier to interop
- for jursidicitons
- for teachers
- for students
need secure safe interop
need ways for smaller jurisdcitons with less ICT resources to get access to the same interop capability - equity of access