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Implications of continuously emerging technologies for infrastructure and policy makers

Facilitator: Jerry Leeson
Provocateur: Jerry Leeson
Topic: E-portfolios

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Learning spaces

Software infrastructure

Physical infrastructure

External services

Australian legislation, policy, guidelines



Role for national policy
Future proofing the technology and the interoperability and accesssability
Disenfranchised, disengaged
Individual centric
Ownership to belong to individual
Employability Skills

Barriers to technology – institutes not having ownership
Institutes have difficulty in managing student identity
Example of eportfolio in USA, Minnesota
- leading example of regional eportfolio initiative.
- used by many schools, colleges, unis and the workforce as an eportfolio
- provides consistency, cost benefits
- used in regions to help develop and plan the workforce (knowledge management)
- used also as a key to transforming teaching and learning - using eportfolio as an integral part of teaching, not just an addon.
– takes a slightly different view to other eportfolio implementations as it does not support social networking.

Possible to blend online systems in conjunction with eportfolio?

Innate digital literacy skills are not in a form. Must allow for individuality and self expression.
Provide options to use template, institutes should provide facility to build up their own portfolio.
Ease of use is imperative. Provide suggestions to students on what to do.

Access to institutes systems for acces to eportfolio.

Remote and distance access. Mobile portfolios in use in NT.
Posssibility to have facility to get artifacts on mobile device or usb to synchronisse with the eportfolio.
Eportfolio as aggregator.
Eportfolio as a process.

Relationships between artifacts, brainstormed style, matrix style allows for individual styles

Current examples – bound by institutional constraints and only indicative of that institutes own ideas s
Eportfolio is ultimate assessment tool.

What is the role of a national government initiative?
- support lifelong learning - eportfolios should go well beyond the boundaries of educational organisations.
- support workforce development
- support transitions, eg getting people back into the workforce following redundancies, unemployment etc.
- should be a part of an overall strategy to support workers, job seekers, students, particularly with the economic downturn.
- need national support and funding to support regional and/or national implementation(s)
- can be a key strategy/tactic to support special needs areas (eg remote, disengaged, communities/groups with special needs)
- can be part of a key rapid response to mass redundancies in regions, large employers etc
If the government does not support eportfolio related iniitatives, growth in this area wll be fragmented and many will miss out on the benefits while a few will be given a distinct advantage. Government also will miss out on the opportunity to improve its knowledge management and workforce development.

strong agreement around the table that the government should support a national eportfolio initiative from a lifelong perspective.

Need to demonstrate a valuable outcome to justify funding
Long term
Not control focused

Is there a problem with multiple eportfolios out there?

UK government model with unique learner number with eportfolio system. Using as a data mine to analyse skill sets , Nedcar in Holland is an example of how to address mass redundancies and re-engage/support local or regional workforces.

Vision –