Theme 2 Table 5 (Orange)

Implications of continuously emerging technologies for infrastructure and policy makers

Facilitator: Carolyn Papworth
Provocateur: James Dalziel
Topic: Connecting the Dots

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Learning spaces
we need to level our schools so all learning from 0 to ..... takes place in the one place so we are not locked into regimented environments we are no longer training people to operate in a mass production society
The learner needs to be respected need to stop wanting to 'fill the vessel''

Software infrastructure
Need cluster of people with expertise to deploy to states so as not to duplicate effort - build on learning eg. interoperability, standards etc
Open and shared access
Simplicity in design and delivery
Don't dumb down teachers - they will invest time if they can see the benefits

Physical infrastructure
Get rid of schools, have community centres
we are slowly progressing but not in any constant state - very patchy landscape.

External services

Australian legislation, policy, guidelines
Need for openess of systems, need to link system, procurement procedures need revisiting - need openess of systems to avoid 'vendor lock in'"

Need national solutions stop duplication of effort
Then it becomes one size fits all and economics becomes an inhibitor
We need to better recognise the skill level of IT specialists in education to attract the best
There is no cross fertilisation between states
Waste of effort in developing specialst state-based programs
How does technology provoke learning????