Theme 2 Table 6 (Lilac)

Implications of continuously emerging technologies for infrastructure and policy makers

Facilitator: Helen Galatis
Provocateur: Michelle Selinger
Topic: Interaction of learning spaces and technology

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Learning spaces
  • flexible and open
- a range of areas for different purposes
- technology should be invisible (nthe forrth utility)

- need for formal and informal spaces
- open plan to encourage collaboration --
- spaces help but need to bring the teacher along
- - move schools out of isolated places (e.g. shopping centre)
-community needs to be involved and use the spaces

-does space change pedagogy

-are there barriers -- e.g legislation in the use of schools by the community

- curriculum , space and teaching should relate to the vision for schooling

-break down the isolation of teaching - teachers learn from each other - watch each other practice

- design will be the biggest change in schools in the future

-aggregation of institutions in one place -- facilitate lifelong learning

- facilitate interaction in learning spaces
-design of space makes a difference to learninhg

- key principles or key aspects in designing spaces -- pedagogy, more space, flexibility - able to move furniture around

Software infrastructure

Physical infrastructure

External services

Australian legislation, policy, guidelines